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Are you looking for a way to recycle plastic bags or wraps from products? Currently, plastic bags and wrappers are prohibited as items in curbside recycling containers, because they damage equipment and hinder operations during the processing of recyclables. As a municipal solid waste partner, the Town of Huntersville is committed to sustainability and helping Mecklenburg County increase the recovery of recyclables. Mecklenburg County recently launched a new exciting campaign called WRAP (Wrap Recycling Action Project). WRAP is a public/private partnership with the objective of increasing the recycling of plastic bags and wraps. This program originated as a result of survey data collected by Mecklenburg County.

As part of this program, retail partners will accept the following items: grocery bags, newspaper bags, produce bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, and zipper bags. In addition, retail partners will also accept plastic wraps from water bottle cases, diapers, bathroom tissue, paper towels, bubble wrap, and shipping pillows. Retailers will not accept candy bar wrappers, chip bags, six pack rings, or degradable bags. All plastic bags and wraps must be clean, dry, and placed in storefront bins. Receipts and any other items should be removed from bags.

To find local retailers in our area that accept plastic bags and wraps, visit for more information. Select the “find a drop off location” tab and enter your postal code to access locations near your area. Please call and verify acceptable materials if you have questions prior to visiting a drop-off location. Several local retail partners in our area include: Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Target, Bloom, Lowe’s, and Walmart. Plastics can be recycled into many products such as bags, pallets, and containers.

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