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Help to plan for the future of our region and the continued vitality of our community by giving your input at a drop-in open house on Thursday, February 7th from 5 to 8 p.m. at Huntersville Town Hall, as part of the "CONNECT Our Future" project.  Click HERE for flier.

The CONNECT Our Future project is a critical opportunity for people of our 14-county region to work together and create a regional planning framework to help meet the shared challenges of communities and plan for the dramatic projected growth of the region. Planning ahead for the future and the growth that's coming can help address questions everyone faces now, such as:

• How can we best maintain our community's character?
• Where and how will everyone live and work?
• How do we avoid the negative sides of growth?
• How do we encourage strong economic growth?
• How do we build needed infrastructure with limited public funds?

Residents and business owners attending the "CONNECT Our Future" open house will be asked to provide input on what they value about their community and region, and what they think are the biggest challenges facing the region. This information will be used to develop evaluation criteria important to the process moving forward as we consider how the region should grow.

The drop-in open house is staffed, will have board exhibits and stations, and people can ask questions, provide input, and are free to come and go as they choose during the open house time period.

For more information, visit the website at

If you are unable to attend, you can share your thoughts via online survey at:
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