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The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) is conducting a series of community engagement activities to gain public input regarding the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). The CTP is a multimodal needs assessment designed to identify future transportation system elements (highways, rail & public transportation, pedestrian, and bicycle). In addition, the CTP replaces the CRTPO’s Thoroughfare Plan, which focuses solely on highways.

There will be a number of opportunities throughout this process for community engagement from now until the fall of 2016. The public can get involved by doing the following:

Online Interactive Mapping: Interactive maps enable the public to review and comment on highway, bicycle, pedestrian, and public transportation. For information and involvement with online interactive mapping click here.

Open House Events: There will be a series of open houses where the public can learn about the CTP in person. Click here to learn about open house events. A webinar will be offered on Thursday, August 18th at 2:00pm for those that cannot attend open houses. To join the conference call dial 704-432-5483 and click the following link to join the meeting. The webinar is limited to 99 participants.

Community Outreach: Have CRTPO come speak at one of your community meetings or events by contacting or 704-336-2205.

Provide Comments: Provide feedback to your local transportation planning organization. Contact or complete the following form. The public can also contact Transportation Planner, Bill Coxe at or Principal Planner, Sushil Nepal at with the Town of Huntersville Planning Department.

To learn more about the CTP please visit the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization website.

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