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A public workshop is scheduled for this Thursday (June 16) from 4—7 PM at North Mecklenburg High School’s cafeteria to discuss proposed interchanges that would provide direct connections from the I-77 managed lanes (aka Express or HOT lanes) to Hambright Road and to Lakeview Road.  The workshop is drop-in style.  In each case, the current bridges would be removed and replaced with new and wider bridges with ramps from the centers of the bridges to the managed lanes.  These interchanges are requested by the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization and are proposed for construction as part of the I-77 Express Lanes project.  The following links provide a graphic depiction of these interchanges and additional information about the workshop.  Detailed maps will be available at the public workshop. 


The interchanges will be useable only by vehicles that are allowed to use the express lanes: i.e., transit, 3+ occupant carpools, emergency responders, motorcycles (all free) and 1-2 passenger autos and pickups that will pay the prevailing rates for use of the express lanes.  At this time, the proposed improvements are limited to just the bridges, ramps, and immediate vicinity of the new interchanges.  The cross-hatched area on the linked map indicates that a noise impact analysis is underway on the west side of I-77 in the vicinity of Hambright Rd.  Once that analysis is complete, if noise mitigation (typically a wall) is determined to be needed and meets NCDOT’s guidelines, the benefitted landowners will be given the opportunity to vote on the matter.


The Hambright Road bridge is proposed to be closed during the construction period which allows it to be completed in one construction season.  Alexandriana Road is the preferred detour.  Lakeview Road bridge will be staged so that it can remain open to traffic because of concerns over the suitability of Harris Blvd as a detour.  Lakeview is thus anticipated to take two construction seasons to complete.


The comment period on these proposals is short with comment requested by June 26th.  

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