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The Huntersville Police Department will be hosting a fundraising event called “Mile of Quarters” to benefit the North Carolina Special Olympics.

The police department will partner with six area elementary schools within Huntersville, NC to put on this event. The event will kick off on Monday May 04, 2015 and run through Friday May 15, 2015.

Here are some fun facts about this event: there are 5,280 feet in one mile. It takes 12 quarters ($3.00) to equal one foot. It will take 63,360 quarters to equal one mile if placed side by side. One mile of quarters equals $15,840.00.

Students will be asked to bring in quarters to purchase “foot icons” in hopes of equaling one mile of quarters. The area principals, teachers, staff and students are all excited about this fundraising event aimed at supporting the many Special Olympians in our local schools. This event is an opportunity for the students to give and support their fellow classmates and friends involved in the NC Special Olympics.

The Huntersville Police Department is requesting media coverage for this event. Please contact Lieutenant Andrew Dempski at 704-464-5388 or for coverage of this event.

Please see flyer for more details.
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