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Friday AM Roads Update from Engineering & Public Works:

Public Works has cleared all the routes on the bare pavement schedule with very few ‘hot spots’ remaining.


Bare pavement routes include, but not limited to. . .

Stumptown, Ranson, Birkdale Commons, Wynfield Creek, Devonshire, Hugh Torance, Stratton Farm,  Bradford Hill, Reese, Julian Clark, Dallas, Church, Sherwood, Kane Alexander, Willingdon, Harvest Point, Southland, etc.


As a side note, the bare pavement routes within Skybrook community (Linksland, Hill Spring, Timbergreen, Highcrest, Salem Ridge, Wallace Pond) are typically the last to receive attention as the conditions are always the most severe.  Our equipment has difficulty traversing the steep grades without getting stuck.


Of the 6 total plows, PW is currently replacing two cutting edges this morning and expect those back up this AM.  We have almost 200 miles of streets, which correlates to almost 400 lane miles.   In addition to the town streets, we are attempting to assist NCDOT in clearing some of the state-maintained routes that are critical to the citizens of Huntersville.  (Sections of Gilead Road, Huntersville-Concord Road, Verhoeff and Northcross Drive)


The plan today is to mobilize all 6 plows to continue plowing operations on neighborhood streets with primary focus on the connector and loop streets.

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